Bean to bottle

At Spice Islands Distilling Co. we are committed to using the highest quality natural ingredients and using authentic processes to make our range of craft spirits. No artificial flavours, no corners cut, just great tasting premium quality craft spirits.

The commitment to quality for Nusantara Cold Brew starts in our carefully selected coffee farms. We choose the highest grade Arabica bean from around the archipelago, each coffee cherry being painstakingly picked by hand for optimum ripeness. These cherries are then washed and pulped to remove the flesh before undergoing a 2 day ferment leaving only the bean. Although time consuming, this process ensures the best quality of Arabica.

Our farmers dry their beans the traditional way, spread out under the hot tropical sun until they reach around 11% water by weight. The next step is hulling to remove the hard fibrous shell of the beans. At this point the beans are ready to roast.

We apply a medium roast our selection of grade I Arabica beans for optimal cold brewing. The cold brew process is a carefully guarded secret, taking more than 100 trials to perfect. Our deep and intense cold brew coffee is then blended with Indonesian sugar cane syrup and pure water.

The result is a smooth rich and intensely flavour coffee liqueur showcasing some of the best coffee Indonesia has to offer.  

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