Back to cocktails Grasshopper Ingredients: Nusantara Java Cream 30mlCreme De Cacao White 15mlCreme De menthe Green 10ml Garnish: Greeted Chocolate Glass: Nick Nora Method: Shake & Strain


Back to cocktails Godmother Ingredients:  Nusantara Java Cream 20mlVodka 20mlAmaretto 5ml or Almond Greeted Garnish:  Hint of Orange Zest Glass:  Rock Glass Method: Direct Pour       


Back To Cocktails godfather Ingredients: Nusantara Java Cream 20mlBourbon Whiskey 50mlAmaretto 5ml or Almond Greeted Garnish: Greeted Almond Glass: Rock Glass        Method: Direct Pour

Nusantara Iced Coffee

Nusantara Iced Coffee 45 ml Nusantara Cold Brew15 ml Vodka50ml Half and half or milk Pour Nusantara Cold Brew & Vodka over ice in a rocks glass, top up with half and half or milk, serve with star anise and cinnamon stick garnish.

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